Helen Buluma blackmailing govt by refusing to appear before court on Nocma case until her contract is renewed

By William Msampha , Investigative Reporter

We can authoritatively reveal that NOCMA acting CEO Hellen Buluma is blackmailing MCP government officials to renew her contract at NOCMA which expires in August 2022, failing which she will not continue to appear in court in a case where she was cast as the main actress of deceit to falsely accuse Hon Newton Kambala, former Minister of Energy, the Alliance for Democracy President, Hon Enock Chihana and Mr Chris Chaima Banda, former Chief Advisor to President Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

We reported recently that having failed to secure her cooperation to confirm that she would avail herself in court on 27th June 2022 for the legal teams of the three accused to cross examine her, the Anti Corruption Bureau(ACB) went to Judge Patrick Chirwa without convening a full court to secure an adjournment based on a lie that Miss Helen Buluma was very sick and could not stand in court for more than 30 minutes.
Having managed to adjourn the hearing of the 27th – 29th June on the basis of the lie stated above, the court had already set a further 5 days of hearing between 11th July and 15th July 2022. Miss Buluma further refused to cooperate with the ACB, which forced the ACB to seek another lone and unprocedural adjournment of the case, again without the presence of the defense lawyers.

We can now reveal that Miss Buluma has writen the ACB, telling them that she will not be available in court as a witness until after September 2022 in order to force the hand of the President, the Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) to renew her contract and elevert her to a full Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for NOCMA as a condition for her to continue betraying the three accused persons in court.
It is said that she had accepted to trap the three accused in exchange for the promise made to her that will be made CEO at NOCMA.

The ACB Director Miss Martha Chizuma has kept the letter under wrap even from the main news papers in Malawi who upon hearing of this news wanted a copy of the letter from Miss Buluma to the ACB Director General in order for them to publish a story.

Helen Buluma

A source at the ACB, who spoke on condition of anonimty has said indeed the letter was received from Miss Buluma in which she stated that she could not continue appearing before Justice Patrick Chirwa seating as Chief Resident Magistrate at the Lilongwe Migistrates Court in a case where the three men mentioned above are being accused of attempting to influence Miss Buluma to award fuel contracts to Finergy Petrolium and Orex Limited.

We can also reveal that Miss Buluma has confided into a close friend who is believed to be related to her that she has a dosier of recordings of meetings she held with President Chakwera, the former SPC, Mr Zangazanga Chikhosi, Minister of Natural Resources Hon Eisenhower Mkaka and the suspended Chief of Staff at State House, Mr Prince Kapondamgaga where they discussed NOCMA fuel contracts and how the named people could raise money for political funding from fuel suppliers.

Miss Buluma has said she is holding very incriminating recordings such that no one will stand in her way to get her contract renewed despite that she never attended any interview for her position.

Miss Buluma has challenged her friend that this dossier, which served her well when on 5th November 2020, fronted by the Army Commander General Vincent Nundwe and the recently sacked Police IG, Mr Kainja, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera ordered and gave the former SPC Zangazanga Chikhosi 14 days to sack Miss Buluma, will do the magic again and her illegally secured job contract will be renewed.

She has said she has more recordings of several meetings that have taken place recently, including a meeting that took place at State House on 2nd April 2022, chaired by the President where they discussed renewal of the current contracts for fuel supply and to add other companies such as Finergy without tendering again which should have been advertised in June 2022.

Miss Helen Buluma who has been cast as the main actress of deceit and lies, has said that she knows who received what amount of money in Dubai and in which banks these monies are deposited in the tax free zone area of Dubai called “Las Keimer”.
Miss Buluma has told her friend that when the President left Malawi on 19th October 2021 on an international trip that took him to Kenya, Dubai and Glasgow in Scotland, had arranged that the President should meet current fuel suppliers. She said one meeting took place in Kenya and three meetings took place in Dubai. She has said that under the disguise that the President was attending the Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community symposium, that was scheduled for 24th to 27th October, the President extended his stay in Dubai for 10 days in order to receive his dues from fuel suppiers and to open bank accounts in the Dubai free zone of Las Keimer.

Miss Buluma also revealed that while they were in Dubai, the President’s son was called to Dubai in order to transfer to his name a bank account that had previously been managed by Mr Prince Kapondamgaga.
Miss Buluma has said that people who also received their cut of the fuel supplies deal payments included on top of the President, his son Pastor Nick Chakwera, his son in law Pastor Sean Kampondeni, Prince kapondamgaga, Hon Eisenhower Mkaka and Zangazanga Chikhosi.
Miss Buluma has said that she has all these details recorded as evidence for use to ensure that no one will dupe her in their promise to betray former Minister Kambala, AFORD President and former Chief Advisor to President Dr Lazarus Chakwera, Mr Chaima Banda.
This is why Miss Buluma can refuse to appear before a court of law in Malawi to defend her evidence given under oath against the accused three and no one is able to do anything.
The Judge Presiding over this case, Justice Patrick Chirwa is afraid and has been warned against forcing Miss Buluma back to court through a suopeana.
Miss Buluma has said that even the Chief Justice will be afraid to intervene for fear of losing his job as Miss Buluma continues to blackmail the President and his team to renew her contract.

Whatever information Miss Buluma is holding must be so incriminating. imagine, forcing the Iron lady Miss Chizuma to go to court and lie on behalf of Helen Buluma that she was sick, influencing the ACB to apply to court before Justice Patrick Chirwa seating as Chief Resident Magistrate in Lilongwe to postpone the next stage of the hearing when the case was about to enter its most critical stage, where a comprehensive team of Legal Eagles drawn from the best private practices in Malawi, representing Hon Newton Kambala, Hon Enock Chakufwa Chihana and Chaima Banda were about to commence cross examination of Miss Helen Buluma, the Deputy CEO of NOCMA to challenge her lies and perjurous evidence presented in court under oath.

In a true revealation of who Miss Helen Buluma really is, she lied to the very Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) that is representing her in court that she was critically sick and could not appear in court. In turn, the ACB applied before Justice Patrick Chirwa, informing the court and defence teams that Miss Buluma is sick and was unable to stand cross examination on 27th June 2022 (27 -29th June) and 11th July (11- 15th July 2022).

But two days later, there she was, side by side with the Minister of Energy, Hon Matola, insulting suffering Malawians with a smile on her face that fuel is cheap in Malawi.

The truth regarding her reluctance to continue appearing before the court is that Miss Buluma is feeling hopeless and cheated by the top officials who have now lost their jobs and one Cabinet Minister who is now not answering her calls. The three pushed her into this case with a promise to offer her the full Chief Executive Officer position at NOCMA if she successfully framed and nailed the three accused people in this NOCMA case. Their arguments were that their honesty was a stumbling block in their effort to make illegal and corruptly secured money with NOCMA fuel suppliers, it is said that Hon Kambala was incorruptible and Mr Chaima Banda was a source of absolute truth for the President, which was making it difficult to draft President Chakwera into the $4 million per month deal which has now entered into the second year, following the 2nd April 2022 meeting chaired by President Chakwera at Kamuzu Palace where Miss Buluma attended and recorded the entire meeting as she did with an inter-ministerial meeting in October 2020 that was chaired by the former Minister of Finance, Hon Mlusu.

Ironically, in her appetite for the top job at NOCMA, Miss Buluma lied in court that Chaima Banda promised her the top CEO job at NOCMA during their meeting, but when her illegally recorded audio of their meeting was played in court, nowhere did Chaima Banda promise her a top job at NOCMA. This is just one classic example of the lies stated under OATH that Miss Helen Buluma will have to face up to in court.

All eyes are now set on the President and the new SPC, Miss Coleen Zamba, who is also the board Chairperson for NOCMA to see if they will succumb to the blackmail and renew Miss Buluma’s illegal position at NOCMA come August when her illegal contract comes to an end.
Malawians should note that today’s Sunday Times has a front page heading that “Ombudsman resumes Buluma hiring probe”. Miss Buluma’s position does not exist in the organogram of NOCMA, she is an illegal political squater who was illegally appointed by former president Prof Peter Mutharika.


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