Chilima’s eligibility for 2025 hits a block

By Kondanani Chilimunthaka

Following the remarks made by the country’s Vice President, Saulos Chilima earlier this week, a lot of comments are coming out clarifying some issues on the matter.

Recently, the Law Professor, Gaton Kamchedzera told the nation that it will be difficult for the current Vice President who is in his second consecutive term as the Vice President to contest come 2025.

Commenting on the recent speech by the Vice President on the future of Tonse Alliance concerning the presidency, Kamchedzera reminded Malawians that the law as it stands, does not give an opportunity for Chilima to be featured either as the Vice President or as the President, saying by law, his term of serving on either of the positions ends in 2025.

“As the Vice President considers for his ambition to run for the presidency in 2025, he must be considering other things within our Constitution.

Our Constitution states that the President must serve not for more than two terms in a set of five years term. In the case of former President, Bakili Muluzi, the ConCourt explained that this law extends even to the Vice President which means even without the Tonse alliance issues, our Vice President could not be eligible to contest basing on the previous case and court interpretation as he is serving his second term consecutively.” Said Kamchedzera in an interview on one of the country’s radio stations.

On the possibility of going to polls if the Tonse alliance falls off, Kamchedzera said the Malawi Constitution does not provide for any election in case of political party alliances being broken.

The remarks by Kamchedzera means the embattled Country’s Vice President is not legally allowed to contest in 2025 on either position of the Presidency as per constitutional interpretation of the court in Muluzi case of 2009.


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