MCP RSA Wing Director Nkhata calls for unity among diaspora to focus More on supporting Chakwera administration

By Chimwemwe Mwalabu

The Director of Malawi Congress Party Diaspora South Africa Wing Dr Issac Manjie Nkhata has called all members of the wing and supporters of the party to maintain strong unity as they work towards supporting President Chakwera change the fortunes of Malawi. Dr Nkhata was addressing members of the wing in an effort to improve the activities of the group.

MCP RSA Wing falls under the mother diaspora group Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Network (MCPDN) which is currently led by Chalo Mvula.  In his address, Dr Nkhata urged Malawians living in RSA who support MCP to pull their socks and be proactive in order to be at the forefront of supporting the activities of the party back home.

Nkhata also said only a united group can manage to achieve much, thereby urging members never to forget the pillars that build MCP which is Unity, Loyalty, Obedience and Discipline “We have to work together, love one another and be focused on the work of the party” said Nkhata.

Nkhata reiterated on the power on Unity , urging the members “tiyeni tonse tigwire ntchito pamodzi. Tiyeni tigwirane manja kuti  tikweze ntchito za chipani chathu, ndipo titenge mbali kupitisa tsogolo fundo za  High 5 zotsogoleledwa ndi a  President athu  Dr Lazarus Chakwera” said Nkhata. He advised members to be each others keeper considering they are all living far from home , to be tolerant to each other and  to forgive each other if there any difference among them

In a separate interview Dr Issac Nkhata said the MCP RSA Wing has big plans set for the year which includes more work to grow the wing and promoting Malawi for both Tourism and investment purposes. The wing is also scheduled to hold a get together party soon.

He said the RSA Wing will continue to work with the Umbrella group MCPDN so that the voice of the diaspora should be one .

Some members of MCP RSA Wing

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