Primary Education advisors (PEAs) to focus on weaknesses and challenges

by Patrick Botha

Director of Education Youth and Sports (DEYS) for Nkhata Bay Muhabi Chivunga has challenged primary education advisors (PEAs) to focus on weaknesses and challenges in order to make strides in education improvement.

Speaking today during an exchange visit by education team from Karonga District Education Office at St Maria Goretti Teachers Development Centre, Chivunga said exchange visits were a sure way of gaining first-hand information

.He said: “These exchange visits which foster information, experience and idea sharing, can go a long way to improve how we do things but also ensure mutual benefit to both the visiting delegation and the host district.”Chivunga further expressed his gratitude to his fellow DEYS for Karonga Khozi Jere for allowing the PEAs to travel down to Nkhata Bay.“This gesture is commendable.

Just by allowing the PEAs to travel, it shows she has education and the future of school going children at heart,” he said. “But as you start your deliberations, let me emphasise that it is important to concentrate on challenges and weaknesses and find solutions or way forward instead of overplaying the success stories. Real strength comes in building on challenges,” said Chivunga.

Nkhata Bay district emerged position one on district performance at national level in the 2021 Primary School Leaving Certificate Examinations with a pass rate of 94.8 percent and also came high on secondary school selection. On the other hand, Karonga came on position fourteen with 85.1 percent.


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