Abandon Tonse Philosophy – Cadets In Key Strategic Positions Will Bring Down The Government

By Madando a Amalawi

When Madando speaks – the government must listen. If the government chooses to ignore the advice then I am sorry to say, we will be welcoming them to the opposition not long from now . I have been very sceptical of this Tonse Philosophy that  The Tonse alliance  sold  to Malawians during the campaign time. Can a very inclusive government,  dining with the enemies  really work in Malawi?

I had opportunity to speak to one of the proponents of the Tonse Philosophy at the time when it was being branded. He told me , the idea behind the philosophy was that Malawi should be for every Malawian, disregarding where you come from  or which political party you belong to . On paper, that sounded promising and I was quickly convinced that this was the way to go. What I didn’t realise was that I was just being emotional. Yes, at the time hearing those words was somehow soothing  as we needed change – change from the massive nepotism  that was the  they way of governing by the previous DPP regime

Fast forward 8 months on, my inner self has pushed me not to be quiet but to stand on a hill and shout to the Tonse leaders President Chakwera and his vice Saulos Chilima. Enough with the experiments otherwise your government is falling right before your eyes . DPP was a system of thieves that were strategically placed in key strategic positions in order to syphon government money to their masters. The biggest mistake Chakwera and Chilima has done is to ignore their party loyalists, abandoning them in the gutters while accommodating the cadets. Whether this is out of greed , nobody knows but one thing for sure it will all end in tears – and the tears have already started .

The cadets that have been left in government have wasted no time but sabotage every other government initiative. Remember how they tried to sabotage the AIP program? . Remember how they leaked the Maneb exams? And now see how they have messed up the Covid19 funds , 6.2 Billion kwacha  that they are failing to account for .

Madando  is worried  and confused at the same time – where did Chakwera and Chilima get this idea that Tonse philosophy will work in Malawi? Did they have a good environmental scan to look at the political climate  and the culture that was nurtured by DPP.  DPP were masters of thievery, and  Malawians gave authority to Chakwera and Chilima to bring change . The biggest insult to Malawians has been leaving the very same thieves in charge of  key positions in the civil service , all of this at the expense of the many talented people in MCP , UTM  and other alliance parties who are capable to delivering.

Madando has travelled and one thing I can tell Chakwera and Chilima is that it is only in Malawi where  new government comes in and decides to keeps  previous regimes loyalist in key government positions . Look at the recently held elections in USA and how Joe Biden wasted no time but remove all Trump loyalists. Look at the UK and how David Cameron removed all of Gordon Browns and Labour Party loyalist from key positions. I am afraid, if not sorted Tonse government will fall even before 2025.

I will not mince words – Chakwera and Chilima , fire all cadets  from key strategic positions and appoint your loyalist who will pursue your agenda . Don’t say I never warned you .


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