Buluma searching for greener pastures abroad to escape from being cross examined in NOCMA fuel contract case

By Jimmy Mponela

The outgoing Acting Chief Executive Officer for NOCMA Helen Buluma sneaked out of the country for interviews for the job in Pretoria South Africa.

While there would be nothing wrong with seeking a job out of Malawi in a quest for greener pasture, what is wrong is that Helen Buluma is tryng to run way from the Court case in which she implicated Hon Kambala, Hon Chihana and Mr Chaima Banda, putting their lives, businesses, professional endevours and those of their families at a standstill and in a state of stagnation.

But in her pathological lying traits that she has shown Malawians through her cooked testimonies in court, Helen Buluma lied to the new Board Chairperson for NOCMA and SPC Miss Coleen Zamba that she was going to hospital for treatment in South Africa.
This lie has meant that she is using government resources to go for an interview in order to escape from being cross examined in the NOCMA fuel contracts case.
Helen Buluma knows that her testimony could land her in jail for she lied under oath in court. When these lies are proven through cross examination, Buluma who co- habits with a lawyer, has been advised that she could face jail.

Helen Buluma

Now that it is clear that her contract which is ending this month will not be renewed because in the first place she had no job at NOCMA, there was no job of Deputy CEO at NOCMA, it does not feature in the organogram and therefore she was appointed by the Former President Mutharika to no job at all.
This means that Helen Buluma has no job at NOCMA whose contract can be renewed. She was a political impostor, imposed by the then President Mutharika o NOCMA resources.
This brings an interesting question really, could this impostor be legally influenced as she alleged in court and her testimony in court, secondly, has she been entitled to all the resources she has earned at NOCMA including the MK 3.9 million she was embezzling on her security.

As Malawians we will soon have answers to these question through the courts when she is suopenaed to court to be cross examined and also when the Ombudsman concludes her cases on Buluma on how she was employed at NOCMA and how she gave herself security detail equivalent of the Vice President of the country, which covered her at the office, when in transit and at home.

One of the 4 people who attended the interviews with Helen Buluma in Pretoria has confirmed and he has gone on to inform the company that Buluma is a fugitive in Malawi running from her evil deeds.

Reliable source of information from a Malawian who works at a Hotel in Pretoria where Buluma lodged last week has said she was spotted boozing with friends and boasting that she is very powerful in Malawi.

We will soon publish a letter Helen Buluma has writen ACB, advising the institution that she can not appear in court till end of September 2022 because she is traveling in and out of Malawi sorting her personal business. A pathological liar has DAY NUMBER 40 from which they don’t escape.


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